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AList Publications Returns

                         to Champion “Social Justice”

            AList Publications gained a fair amount of               The monthly Amazing Black Lives
            recognition in 2014 when it launched its unusual         magazine will debut on August 28,                                                       Letter from the Publisher
            cyber-magazine which included video/audio and            2020, to coincide with the 57th
            innovative clickable comic strips. Back then, their      anniversary of the 1963 March on
            emphasis was on Food, Films, Art and Wine.               Washington for Jobs and Freedom,
            Because of recent events, AList has switched its         where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.                                I want to start by saying how proud I am to present this long- overdue magazine. I am a
            focus and is creating publications that are, shall       delivered his famous impassioned ”I                              28-year-old African-American man, still in school, working on my Bachelors degree in
            we say, a tad more inspiring. Led by twenty-             Have a Dream” speech.
            something college student, Bryce Brewer, the                                                                              TV and Film production. What makes our project unique, besides the obvious, is that
            organization is finding solid ground with an array       AList has plans to follow with other                             there are four components to it. We are a cyber-magazine (Amazing Black Lives), a
            of subjects, starting with a video/audio magazine        cyber-magazines that support people                              hardcopy print magazine (Black Lives), a radio show (Amazing Black Lives Radio) and
            named Amazing Black Lives.           When I caught       of color, having already secured the                             a TV show (Amazing Black Lives TV). Believe it or not, our approach is non-political,
            up with Brewer, he made it a point to tell me that       URL for Black and Brown Magazine                                 except for those times when we might cover people who have made their mark
            his magazine is not a political commentary,              (for later publication). Large, well-                            politically. We want all our publications to be informational, educational, inspirational
            although he realizes that, in today’s charged            known companies that share their                                 and neutral.    We simply bring to light the wonderful things that black men, women and
            political climate, people are liable to politicize just  vision of supporting equality and
            about everything.    He clarifies, “We simply spot-      social justice for all will be featured in                       children have accomplished, and are accomplishing -- and how they are impacting
            light black people -- past and present -- who have       each    issue    of   all   of   AList’s                         others. The support we are receiving from across the world has been humbling.
                                                                     cyber-magazines, serving to guide
                                                                     readers to establishments which hold                             Through this publication, you will learn about a number of amazing black lives, many of
                                                                     their best interests at heart. Once                              whom are quiet successes, out of the spotlight. We will often feature individuals who
                                                                     again, each will have an inspirational                           will be new to you. This is exactly why we are here. We will cover outstanding people
                                                                     bent    and    the   format    will   be
                                                                     video/audio.    The magazines will be                            in many professions and industries, including Medicine, Science, Technology, Beauty,
                                                                     sent out to the email lists of the                               Culinary Arts, Aeronautics, Fashion, Fine Art, Architecture, Chess, Diplomacy, Brain
                                                                     companies that are featured in the                               Surgery, Rocket Science, Finance, Education, Robotics and more.             Each person has
                                                                     issues.   Brewer continued, “This way,                           changed, or is changing, the lives of others.
                          Bryce Brewer, Publisher                    supportive businesses get a boost
                                                                     and so does AList. Everyone wins.”
            done and are doing amazing things.”        I have to     He explained, “We are the children                               I invite you to join us in helping to build upon the positive wave that is sweeping our
            say, when I saw his roster of life-changers,             and grandchildren of Dr. King’s dream.                           nation and our world. I am proud to be a part of our future. Over fifty years ago, Dr.
            “amazing” is actually an understatement. Doctors,        Our mission is to help make his                                  Martin Luther King, Jr. shared his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. I am a millennial,
            lawyers, scientists, authors, astronauts, chefs,         dream a reality.   We are doing all we                           one of the children and grandchildren of that dream.              Our mission, through our
            financiers, professors,    artists,  inventors   and     can to make sure that happens.”                                  publications and productions, is to help make Dr. King’s dream come true for all.
            entrepreneurs are a fraction of the phenomenal
            successes he showcases. Brewer insists that the          Speaking for myself, I think Brewer
            message is clear inspiration, and that these             and AList are off to a very good start.
            people’s accomplishments speak for themselves.
            “We know that much of America is behind this
            historical acceptance movement, and we want to                                      Hal Buchner
            be a part of it, to help push it forward. Print, radio                             Editor at Large                        Bryce Brewer
                                                                                                   DCN News
            and internet TV are also on our agenda, and we                                                                            Publisher
            want to interview anyone and everyone who is out
            there, helping, inspiring, making a positive
            difference,” he said.
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