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Tank,” where he connected with Daymond John, the investor and TV
                   personality, as his mentor and investor.      That appearance set the wheels in
                   motion for a phenomenal Memphis and worldwide fashion success story.

                   Moziah has been featured in Esquire and Oprah’s O Magazine.            He met with
                   President Obama during that Presidency, and gifted him an “Obama Blue”
                   Mo’s Bow.    At the time of the 2015 NBA draft, several of the players sported a
                   Mo’s Bow, and in 2017, the sixteen-year-old signed a seven-figure licensing
                   deal with the NBA to design ties for all thirty teams.          Says Mo, whose
                   not-so-far-fetched dream it is to become a fashion mogul, “I never imagined
                   the baby business I started at my grandmother’s kitchen table in South
                   Memphis would one day be an internationally recognized brand.”              Today,
                   Moziah Bridges is the CEO, President, Creative Director and chief
                   decision-maker of Mo’s Bows.       It’s clear that the young entrepreneur is going
                   nowhere but up, spreading handcrafted bow ties and pocket squares that can
                   be purchased online and in stores.

                   Not one to keep success to himself, Mo has spawned the Mo’s Bows
                   Foundation, which is headed by his mother, Tramica Morris.          It was created
                   with passion “to build youth and family leadership through entrepreneurship.”
                   The non-profit foundation encourages parents to take an active role in their
                   children’s lives.  She says, “We need more parents to invest in their children
                   and their talents.   We need to create more villages, tribes, relationships and
                   partnerships in the communities. … We’re going to have tons of fun and a few
                   parties with purpose, plus we’ll learn and grow together.”

                   Born on November 13, 2001, and nineteen today, Moziah “Mo” Bridges grew
                   up in a family home in Memphis with his mother, his aunt, his cousin and his
                   dog, Sparrow.     Everyone, except Sparrow, helps in the business.         Besides
                   his family, Mo credits his three favorite designers, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren
                   and Daymond John, with inspiring him.          As of August, 2020, Mo’s Bows
                   reportedly has an estimated net worth of over $2 million, and has expanded to
                   include neck ties and face masks.
                   By next year, Mo hopes to
                   include blazers in his line.      In
                   addition, he is a motivational
                   speaker, and is writing his first
                   book about entrepreneurship. He
                   also plans to go to college and to
                   buy   his   own    Range     Rover.
                   Says the designer, creator and
                   burgeoning     businessman      and
                   humanitarian -- clearly the brains
                   behind the Mo’s Bows business --
                   “I’m in charge of my future, and
                   with help from my mom, I decide
                   what happens.      I’m living proof
                   that you can be anything you
                   want -- at any age.”
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