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Moziah “Mo” Bridges

                   Entrepreneur, CEO, Fashion Designer, Humanitarian

                                                                     Moziah “Mo” Bridges has long
                                                                     preferred to dress in style, even
                                                                     when he was a small boy.      He
                                                                     explains, “When I was four
                                                                     years old, I would love to dress
                                                                     nice and ride bikes in suits and
                                                                     ties.  I would always wear my
                                                                     church clothes, just to go to the
                                                                     grocery store or to play.”     In
                                                                     2010, the Memphis, Tennessee
                                                                     elementary school student was
                                                                     already frustrated with the lack
                                                                     of available fashion that rose to
                                                                     his standards.   So he decided
                                                                     to do something about it.

                                                                     At   age   nine,   Mo    Bridges
                                                                     announced to his mother that
                   he was going into business.        His mother figured that meant he wanted a
                   lemonade stand.      But that business turned out to be one of handmade bow
                   ties that lived up to the young designer’s fashion sense.     In his own words, “I
                   started my company because I needed an accessory to help me look sharp,
                   but didn’t see anything out there that fit my style or personality.    So, with the
                   help of my granny, I started making my own bow ties.”        His granny, a retired
                   seamstress, taught him to sew, and together, they created hundreds of
                   feel-good bow ties.      His mother, too, supported his dream, while keeping
                   control at home.    Mo says that his mother often told him, “ Mo is CEO of Mo’s
                   Bow’s, but Mama is CEO of Mo.”       Mo’s Bows is still mostly a family operation,
                   and Mo is appreciative of the support he
                   gets from them.        The business has
                   more recently expanded to employing
                   Bradford Springs, Tennessee locals to
                   help sew and tag the bow ties.          Mo
                   personally chooses every fabric and
                   design element of his bows.

                   Although Mo began making and selling
                   bow ties in Memphis in 2010, when he
                   was just nine, he and his mother officially
                   opened the “Mo’s Bows” company in
                   2012.     In 2013, after little more than
                   2,000 sales, the eleven-year-old was
                   invited to be a guest on the “Steve
                   Harvey Show.”      Shortly afterwards, he
                   appeared on the reality TV show “Shark
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